Wheel Diverter
Hwadong Hightech
WD-01 Wheel Sorter reduces operator’s mistakes and increases your productivity!
w-core WD-01 is a pivoting type belt driven wheel sorter.

WD-01 high speed wheels switch parcels for sorting onto other conveyors, to the left or right and its 40~60m/min high and regulable speed maintains the parcels’ conveying speed during directional transfer which runs up to 3,500 parcels per hour.

Perfect for medium sized parcels’ sortation weighing up to 30kg.

Performance data

Mechanical Throughput: up to 3,500 pcs/hr
Conveying Speed: 40 ~ 60/min
Load Weight: up to 30kg/m
Turning angle: 30” / 45” / 90” ???
Power consumption: 0.4kW
Air Consumption: 0.5L/Cycle
Box Size: max. 600L * 400W  / min. 300L * 200W

  • High speed
  • Available to sort wide variety of items
  • Customized angles between 30 ~ 90 degrees
  • 3 x directional
  • Customizable length
  • Easy installing and maintaining Modular unit
  • Reduce operators’ working time up to 80%
  • Reduce mistakes and increase productivity
Interested in WD-01 Wheel sorter?
Technical Specification
Air Cylinder Type
Model Name
Size (mm)
600(L) * 600(W) * 450(H)
Processing Box Size (mm)
Max. : 800(L) * 400(W)
Min.  : 300(L) * 200(W)
Processing Box Weight (kg)
Max. : 30
Min. : 1.0
Capacity (box/hr)
Mechanical Throughput
Actual Throughput
-Processing Box Basis (mm)
Max. 3,500 / hr
Max. 3,000 / hr
400(L) * 400(W) / Box Pitch: 600(L)
Destination Chute Pitch (m)
Min. : 2.4
Speed (m/min)
40 ∼ 60
Air Consumption
0.5 L/Cycle
AC 400W
Weight (kg/set)