Telescopic Conveyor
Telescopic Conveyor
Hwadong Hightech
Loading and unloading at the door direct in trailers to/from your conveyor system!

W-core Telescopic C/V was designed primly and stable with all necessary remote-control mechanism.

With its 21meters maximum extended length, you even can handle big distance between a trailer and your conveyor system. The robust & durable conveyor body and the belt will carry the packages up to 50kgs with full load capacity of 1050kgs, and last many years long without any concern.

Interested in WC-TSC-OA Telescopic Conveyor?
Technical Specification
Telescopic Conveyor
Model Name
Processing Box Weight (kg)
In and out travel speed
Belt Speed
0 ~ 30m/min
Overall extended length
21 meters
Overall compacted length
8 meters
Overall width
Belt width
Electrical Requirements
3P, 220V/380V
Safety stop
Front safety bar:
stop after 2 seconds retrocede after contact
Emergency Stop
1. On the Remote Control
2. On the Panel
Remote Control
1. Telescopic Movement: Forward & Backward
2. Conveying direction: Forward & Backward
3. 5 degrees up & down
4. Speed control in 3 levels (Inverter)