Hwadong Hightech
w-core SS-01 singulator releases a bulk flow of parcels
in a single flow with max. 9,000 items per hour.

Nowadays the increasing amount of goods being sent by online retailers and the post offices is putting a premium on fast, accurate sorting of parcels. Needless to say, a worker has a limit to the sorting of various articles one by one through a manual task. On that account the necessity of a singulator in a distribution center (parcel conveying system) is increasing very fast.

In the KC SS-01 singulating system helps to keep the packages continuously flowing between unloading and sorting. A bulk flow of parcels will be fed into the singlating system and then get aligned, spaced, and released in a single flow for the coming sortation process with max. 9,000 items per hour.

  • Minimizes manual handling
  • Max 9,000 items/hour throughput
  • Single or Dual Take-away
  • Reduces product jams and sorting errors due to side-by-side items.
  • Eliminates labor costs
  • Singulate product in a small footprint
  • High singulation accuracy rates (90%)
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Technical Specification
Automatic Parcel Singulator
Model Name
Processing Box Weight (kg)
Max. : 30
Min. : 0.5
Processing Box Size (mm)
Max. : 800(L) * 600(W) * 400(H)
Min.  : 200(L) * 150(W)
Capacity (box/hr)
Mechanical Throughput
Actual Throughput
-Processing Box Basis (mm)
400(L) * 400(W)
Speed (m/min)
60 ∼ 135m/min
Min. Approx. Size (m)
4.2(W) * 27(L)
Power Consumption
20 kW
Weight (kg)