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Smart Sorting System w-core BCS-01
Increase your productivity
Provide better accuracy
Eliminate human errors
Switching transport direction now easier and faster with patented w-core ball sorter BCS-01. Modularized BCS-01 ball sorter will make your conveyor’s sorting and diverting system extremely easy and highly efficient.
The 9000 parcel/hrs. high throughput rate and its high speed going up to 130m/min will upgrade your productivity.
Further the patented and modularized w-core ball sorter system will make its maintenance far more efficient.
  • Fast > 130m/min
  • Accurate > Zero failure rate
  • High productivity > 9000 parcels/hrs. high throughput
  • Reduce Labor cost > Less Human Interference
  • Light weight > Light aluminum frame body
  • Easy maintenance > Modularized system
  • Single- or two-way direction
  • light weight
  • clean appearance
  • extremely robust

Control Mechanism

1. Air Cylinder Type
2. Servo Motor Type

Model Name


Size (mm)

240(L) * 700(W) : 1 Module
720(L) * 700(W) : 3 Modules (1 Set)

Processing Box Size (mm)

Max. : 800(L) * 600(W) * 550(H)

Min. : 150(L) * 150(W) * 20(H)

Processing Box Weight (kg)

Max. : 30kgs

Min.  : 1.0kgs

Mechanical Throughput

Actual Throughput

-Processing Box Basis (mm)

Max. 9,750 / hr (box pitch: 800mm)

Max. 7,800 / hr

400(L) * 400(W)

Speed (m/min)

80 ∼ 130m/min

Destination Chute Pitch (mm)

Min. 2,200mm

Air Type

Air Consumption (3 Module)

Power Consumption

Air Cylinder 6EA (2.1L/Cycle)

AC 90W

Servo Motor Type

Power Consumption

AC 220V 400W 2EA per Module

AC 380V 90W 1EA per Module

Weight (kg/set)


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Hwadong Hightech
WD-01 Wheel Sorter reduces operator’s mistakes and increases your productivity!
w-core WD-01 is a pivoting type belt driven wheel sorter.

WD-01 high speed wheels switch parcels for sorting onto other conveyors, to the left or right and its 40~60m/min high and regulable speed maintains the parcels’ conveying speed during directional transfer which runs up to 3,500 parcels per hour.

Perfect for medium sized parcels’ sortation weighing up to 30kg.

Performance data

Mechanical Throughput: up to 3,500 pcs/hr
Conveying Speed: 40 ~ 60/min
Load Weight: up to 30kg/m
Turning angle: 30” / 45” / 90” ???
Power consumption: 0.4kW
Air Consumption: 0.5L/Cycle
Box Size: max. 600L * 400W  / min. 300L * 200W

  • High speed
  • Available to sort wide variety of items
  • Customized angles between 30 ~ 90 degrees
  • 3 x directional
  • Customizable length
  • Easy installing and maintaining Modular unit
  • Reduce operators’ working time up to 80%
  • Reduce mistakes and increase productivity
Technical Specification
Air Cylinder Type
Model Name
Size (mm)
600(L) * 600(W) * 450(H)
Processing Box Size (mm)
Max. : 800(L) * 400(W)
Min.  : 300(L) * 200(W)
Processing Box Weight (kg)
Max. : 30
Min. : 1.0
Capacity (box/hr)
Mechanical Throughput
Actual Throughput
-Processing Box Basis (mm)
Max. 3,500 / hr
Max. 3,000 / hr
400(L) * 400(W) / Box Pitch: 600(L)
Destination Chute Pitch (m)
Min. : 2.4
Speed (m/min)
40 ∼ 60
Air Consumption
0.5 L/Cycle
AC 400W
Weight (kg/set)
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Hwadong Hightech
w-core SS-01 singulator releases a bulk flow of parcels
in a single flow with max. 9,000 items per hour.

Nowadays the increasing amount of goods being sent by online retailers and the post offices is putting a premium on fast, accurate sorting of parcels. Needless to say, a worker has a limit to the sorting of various articles one by one through a manual task. On that account the necessity of a singulator in a distribution center (parcel conveying system) is increasing very fast.

In the KC SS-01 singulating system helps to keep the packages continuously flowing between unloading and sorting. A bulk flow of parcels will be fed into the singlating system and then get aligned, spaced, and released in a single flow for the coming sortation process with max. 9,000 items per hour.

  • Minimizes manual handling
  • Max 9,000 items/hour throughput
  • Single or Dual Take-away
  • Reduces product jams and sorting errors due to side-by-side items.
  • Eliminates labor costs
  • Singulate product in a small footprint
  • High singulation accuracy rates (90%)
Technical Specification
Automatic Parcel Singulator
Model Name
Processing Box Weight (kg)
Max. : 30
Min. : 0.5
Processing Box Size (mm)
Max. : 800(L) * 600(W) * 400(H)
Min.  : 200(L) * 150(W)
Capacity (box/hr)
Mechanical Throughput
Actual Throughput
-Processing Box Basis (mm)
400(L) * 400(W)
Speed (m/min)
60 ∼ 135m/min
Min. Approx. Size (m)
4.2(W) * 27(L)
Power Consumption
AC 20W
Weight (kg)
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Spiral Chute
Hwadong Hightech
w-core Spiral Chute gently & quickly lower down the conveying
objects from one level to another.

W-core spiral chute provides you fast, cost-effective and space saving solutions for downward conveying system. It is made of FRP (Fibre reinforced polymer) material which enhanced its strength and elasticity, and the material provides high resistibility to deforming forces.
Furthermore, its special gel-coating guarantees long wearing low friction service and reduces, even eliminates breakage of down falling objects through its smooth conveying characteristics.
Concerning space saving issue, it saves the space 3 times at least in compare with a common decline conveyor.

Technical Specification
Spiral Chute
Model Name
Processing Box Weight (kg)
Max.: 80kg General: 50kg
Processing Box Size (mm)
Max. : 800(W) * 1000(L)
Elevation per 360°
Min. height exit to floor
Outside Diameter
Conveying Width
Angle of decline
Inside (73.1°) Outside (31.1°)
Conveying Radius
R 1100mm
FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polymer)
Profile Finish
Special gel coat finishing Improves abrasion resistance and reduces friction
Pole Construction
Pole Finish
Powder Coating (min. 60㎛)
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Telescopic Conveyor
Hwadong Hightech
Loading and unloading at the door direct in trailers to/from your conveyor system!

W-core Telescopic C/V was designed primly and stable with all necessary remote-control mechanism.

With its 21meters maximum extended length, you even can handle big distance between a trailer and your conveyor system. The robust & durable conveyor body and the belt will carry the packages up to 50kgs with full load capacity of 1050kgs, and last many years long without any concern.

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Technical Specification
Telescopic Conveyor
Model Name
Processing Box Weight (kg)
In and out travel speed
Belt Speed
0 ~ 30m/min
Overall extended length
21 meters
Overall compacted length
8 meters
Overall width
Belt width
Electrical Requirements
3P, 220V/380V
Safety stop
Front safety bar:
stop after 2 seconds retrocede after contact
Emergency Stop
1. On the Remote Control
2. On the Panel
Remote Control
1. Telescopic Movement: Forward & Backward
2. Conveying direction: Forward & Backward
3. 5 degrees up & down
4. Speed control in 3 levels (Inverter)