Pivot Diverter
Switching transport direction now easier and faster with patented w-core AZ Sorter BCS-02 New Edition. Modularized BCS-02 AZ Sorter will make your conveyor’s sorting and diverting system extremely easy and highly efficient.
The 9000 parcel/hrs. high throughput rate and its high speed going up to 150m/min will upgrade your productivity.
Further the patented and modularized w-core ball sorter system will make its maintenance far more efficient.
  • Fast > 150m/min
  • Accurate > Zero failure rate
  • High productivity > 9000 parcels/hrs. high throughput
  • Reduce Labor cost > Less Human Interference
  • Single- or two-way direction
Modular Type
  • Easy maintenance > Modularized system
  • – 10 minutes to exchange module part
  • Light weight > Using Aluminum plate
  • Extremely robust
Interested in BCS-02 AZ Sorter?

Control Mechanism

1. Servo Motor Type 

2. Air Cylinder Type

Model Name


Dimension (mm)

318(L) * 770(W) : 1 Module

Processing Box Size (mm)

Max. : flexible. according to the number of modules

Min. : 100(L) * 100(W) * 20(H)

Processing Box Weight (kg)

Max. : 35kgs

Mechanical Throughput

Actual Throughput

-Processing Box Basis (mm)

Max. 9,750 / hr (box pitch: 800mm)

Max. 7,800 / hr

400(L) * 400(W)

Speed (m/min)

80 ∼ 150m/min

Destination Chute Pitch (mm)

Min. 2,200mm

Air Type

Air Consumption (3 Module)

Power Consumption

Air Cylinder 6EA (2.1L/Cycle)

AC 90W

Servo Motor Type

Power Consumption

AC 220V 400W 1EA per Module

AC 380V 90W 1EA per Module

Weight (kg/set)


Production Process
Obtained Patent

PATENT NO. 10-1615854

Obtained 20th April 2016

PATENT NO. 10- 2015518

Obtained 22th August 2019

PATENT NO. 10-2099107

Obtained 3rd April 2020

Divertor for Transferring Conveyor